Emerging scholars and practitioners

Emerging scholars and practitioners (ESaPs) of ecohealth are an important community with the potential to shape this field in the future. ESaPs not only share a common concern for making connections between health, ecosystems, and society but want to know how this work can be carried out from their particular perspective.

As indicated in the name of this group, ESaPs includes not only current students but individuals who have moved on from their studies to conduct ecohealth-related work in both academic and non-academic settings.

Starting in 2008, CoPEH-Canada has held a short training course in ecosystem approaches to health for Canadian graduate students and practitioners. Alumni from these courses form a growing group of diverse, self-organizing, interdisciplinary young scholars and practitioners broadly working within the umbrella of ecohealth.

The students of the 10th intensive training session on ecosystem approaches to health (2017) wrote Blogs, three of which were voted by fellow students onto our course webpage.

One of their first activities was to set up a blog and a listserv which are still running today. On the blog you will find instructions for signing up.

Alumni have worked with the teaching team in the design and delivery of subsequent training courses, organized student retreats, lead panels at international conferences, collaborated in major CoPEH projects such as the teaching manual, liaised with other student organizations such as the student section of the International Association for Ecology & Health, run ecohealth clubs in their host university, published together, etc.

While alumni are not formally organized under chapters, many of the activities have a local character for practical reasons. If you would like to find out about alumni activities in your area, please contact your node coordinator.