International Field Building

International collaboration has always been part of the practice of CoPEH-Canada, reflecting the fact that most members of CoPEH-Canada also work in other countries. Members of CoPEH-Canada played a part in the creation of the first Community of Practice in Ecohealth in Latin America and the Caribbean, others have been involved in the development of the International Association for Ecology & Health, and Vets without Borders Canada

CoPEH-Canada is also deeply indebted to the international community. As just one example, an international group of researchers and practitioners participated in a needs assessment which informed our teaching manual

A few examples of our international collaborations are described below.   

EcoHealth 2018

Sixteen separate presentations were given by CoPEH-Canada members at the EcoHealth 2018 conference. We held an informal 10-year anniversary social event gathering around 15 CoPEH-Canade members who had traveled to Cali. 


CoPEH-Canada has partnered with the Latin American and Caribbean Community of Practice on Ecosystem Approach to Human Health (CoPEH-LAC) on a project – called Ekosanté – to strengthen research, policy and practice at the intersection of health, ecosystems and society. Visit Ekosanté's Expertise mapping in Ecosystem Approaches to Health in Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean here

EcoHealth 2014

EcoHealth 2014, the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Ecology & Health, was co-hosted by CoPEH-Canada and Cinbiose. One of the goals of the EcoHealth 2014 Conference was to acknowledge the diversity within the field of ecohealth. The main theme for EcoHealth 2014 was Connections for health, ecosystems and society. These connections are critical for the development of the field of ecohealth as well as to an international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral conversation about environment (natural and social), health and equity.

The sub-themes of the conference were:

  • Drivers of change to health, ecosystems and society: Integrating understanding from global to local scales
  • Innovations in theory, methods and practice
  • Moving between research and action: Mobilizing knowledge to benefit health, ecosystems, and society

The keynote and plenary presentations are available on our site.

To consult the abstract booklet click here

For more information please visit the EcoHealthLive website


In 2012, CoPEH-Canada hosted a pre-conference workshop at the EcoHealth 2012 conference held in Kunming, China. The goal of the workshop was to get a feel for where the international community saw the field of ecohealth heading. Our findings are described in a forum paper co-constructed with international colleagues and published in the journal EcoHealth in 2014.