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This module (PDF, Web version) provides basic material and lesson plans on integrating health from multiple perspectives content into ecosystem approaches to health pedagogy. Sections and activities on experiencing and Negotiating Health and Framing and measuring health are included.


MoewakaBarnes H

For a description Maori conceptions of health and how relationships with the land are imbedded within this, as well as a commentary on 'science as a process,' have students watch Helen Moewaka Barnes' plenary presentation at EcoHealth 2014.


Ecological Determinants of Health in Public Health Education in Canada: A Scan of Needs, Challenges and Assets

  • Ecological Determinants Group on Education (2018) Ecological Determinants of Health in Public Health Education in Canada: A Scan of Needs, Challenges and Assets. Parkes M.W., Poland, B (Lead Authors); Allison S, Cole, D., Culbert I., de Leeuw S., Gislason M., Hancock T., Howard C., Koropeski, J., La Prairie, A., Greenwood, M., Papadopoulos, A., Naeem, A., Waheed F (Contributing Authors). (June 2018, V2). DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.12554.82883.

Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2023 

  • Eptagenda2023 is a global call to action to integrate environmental and sustainability perspectives into physical therapy curricula worldwide. This site links to numerous tools and documents that address the integration of planetary health principles into education for various health professions.

Planetary Health Competencies

  • The Canadian Federation of Medical Student (CFMS)'s HEART project has been working since its inception to incorporate learning of the crucial links between planetary health and human health into medical curricula at all Canadian medical schools. 

How We Go Home: Voices from Indigenous North America curriculum

  • How We Go Home: Voices from Indigenous North America shares contemporary first-person stories in the long and ongoing fight to protect Native land, rights, and life. These twelve oral histories shaped by injustice and resilience provide a nuanced, empathy-based understanding of the issues facing Indigenous communities.

(Re)connexion Nature [French]

  • The University in Nature's (Re)Connecting Nature experience was designed based on over 150 scientific research studies conducted in Scandinavia, Asia and the United States. It provides participants with an experiential and theoretical understanding of the impact of nature on their cognitive, physical and mental health and provides them with tools to strengthen their connection in their daily lives.